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DotEmu’s R-Type II hits the Play Store

The developers from DotEmu announced that they finished working on their latest port, R-Type II, a bit earlier than expected and that this classic arcade shooter is now available on the Play Store worldwide.


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Play to Cure: Genes In Space

How about playing a game for a noble cause? Cancer Research UK released a game that will help scientists unravel gene data to find the answers to some of cancer’s toughest questions. Have fun flying your spaceship, collect the precious material called “Element Alpha” and decode useful amount of data in Play to Cure: Genes In Space.


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Tiki Monkeys released worldwide

The independent developers from MilkCap Studios announced that their latest game “Tiki Monkeys” is out of soft-launch and is now ready to face the world. Your job is simple, catch the thieving monkeys who helped themselves to your treasure, collect the gold and enjoy the scenery.


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Atomic Fusion: Particle Collider

Time to smash some particles together, just like the CERN scientists do, except on a portable device and not for real. Atomic Fusion is the latest action game coming from “ByteSized Studios” that allows players to explore all the elements in the Periodic Table by playing with atoms and hot plasma waves.


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Table Top Racing released earlier than expected

The developers from the independent studio “Playrise Digital” announced that Table Top Racing, the game that was included in iTune’s ‘Best of 2013’ festive app selection in multiple countries and won the TIGA 2013 award of best start-up, is finally ready to be downloaded from the Play Store for free.


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Quick Look on Neon Beat, not your typical breakout clone

Ever since the dawn of arcade games, one particular title keeps returning in many forms and variations. The breakout game is perhaps a genre of its own and needless to say, one of the most popular arcade games ever created. Neon Beat is a nice remake developed by ” Gripati Digital Entertainment ” that tends to change the rules – just a bit – to keep you interested and waste considerable amounts of your time.


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Starling Fall – strange, strange new world

Lionfish Apps are developers that usually make apps and utility software for our Android devices, but this time, they decided to test their skill by making their first game ever, Starling Fall. A fast paced arcade game featuring retro pixel art style.


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Quick Look on Halfbrick’s Colossatron

Halfbrick studios, the developers of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, presented their latest game incorporating elements from both color matching and tower defense games. Colossatron: Massive World Threat was released yesterday and already started piling up positive user reviews, so let’s take a quick look.

colossatron- (10)

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Zlatan Plays Diamond Soccer

Zlatan Plays Diamond Soccer is an arcade soccer game coming from Ooblada, the social gaming company that also develops mobile games. The famous Swedish striker with Bosnian heritage, Zlatan Ibrahimovic, is the star of the show where you travel around the world facing fierce teams financed by Russian syndicates, American business tycoons and a Qatari kingpin?


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Be a successful stuntman, Fail Hard

From the developers of the highly successful Hill Climb Racing, comes another physics based driving game with unusual name. Hop on your motorcycle and experience the evolution of becoming the greatest stuntman in the world in Fail Hard by Fingersoft!

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