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Snail Crusher launched on the Play Store

The indie developer “games2be” announced the release of Snail Crusher, a casual arcade game where players can collect treasure chests from a garden infested with slimy snails. Needless to say, snails are evil and will kill your character instantly if touched.


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Score big with Tiny Tennis for Android

Fat Fish Games expanded their “Tiny” game collection by releasing Tiny Tennis, a fast paced Tennis action game that can be downloaded for free on both Android and iOS. Start smashing the balls to earn medals, beat your previous highscore and brag about it on twitter.


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Soccer Rally 2 debuts on the Play Store

Start your engines and kick the giant soccer ball in this brand new action packed game coming from IceFlame Studios. Soccer Rally 2 is a sequel to the original game that was released on iOS only and the first game of the series available on Android too.


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Scrap Squad – let the recycling begin

Scrap Squad, the junk sorting action game we announced 2 weeks ago was just released. Players can start earning money by recycling and fund their evil plan to take over the world right away.


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Mobfish Hunter – unorthodox fishing or something else?

Appxplore announced the release of Mobfish Hunter, an endless action-fishing game where fishing rods are replaced with explosive mines, bombs, grenades and other deadly tools designed just for you. Don’t worry, those fish are actually mutants and they are evil. So…


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The Running Dead – big, HUGE pixels

Newly founded indie game developer “Kronbits” launched, what appears to be the most pixelated zombie related Android game ever. How big should the pixels be to fully satisfy your pixel-art needs? Is this pixelated enough for you?


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Inceptional’s Light Hero released on Android

Light Hero is a fast paced retro-arcade shooter that looks like it was ripped out straight from the ’80’s. Your job, as the greatest pilot in the galaxy, is to collect precious minerals and fight the unknown alien enemies. Oh, and stay alive as well.


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Bubble Shooter Mania

Bubble Shooter Mania is a brand new “Puzzle Bubble” inspired arcade game, developed by a small Serbian company called Wizards Time LLC. The familiar gameplay mechanics were spiced up with couple of features to make the game more appealing to mobile gamers.


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Ski Arcade

While routinely browsing my daily mail subscriptions, I stumbled across a new Android game that reminded me of something that I used to play on my C64 years ago. It’s a game about insane downhill skiing and one disposable, pixalated character who doesn’t mind being killed over and over again. Rings a bell?


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Treasure Breaker, modern take on classic breakout

In a jungle environment, far far away lives Terry. A strange creature of unknown origin that has a irresistible urge to destroy things while having fun. One day, he finds the ruins of an ancient temple full of valuables that just beg to be destroyed by his magic skull.  Help him crush all the treasures on his path in Treasure Breaker, a brand new arcade game by Reonyx Studios.


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