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Syberia arrives on Android

Syberia the 2002 adventure games, considered to be a all-time masterpiece by many fans, made its way on the Android Play Store. The game developer Microïds invites all Syberia fans to join Kate Walker’s amazing journey once again on their portable Android devices.


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Grand Theft Auto – San Andreas released

After releasing GTA III and GTA: Vice City, Rockstar Games finally finished remastering one of their best GTA games from the series, the San Andreas sequel. The game is already live on both Google Play Store and Amazon, ready for download if you can spare 2.4 gigabytes of storage space.


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Fast Fin, the unfortunate clown fish

A terrifying tsunami struck the idyllic coral reef where “Fin” used to live, destroying everything in its path and scattering all the surviving eggs across the ocean. If that wasn’t enough, toxic-waste started leaking from an old damaged submarine, poisoning the ocean and threatening to destroy all the remaining eggs. Help fin rescue his siblings and escape this hostile environment in “Fast Fin” by Nurogames.


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Ubisoft released Assassin’s Creed Pirates on Android

Couple of months after the official announcement, Ubisoft releases their latest “spin-off” game from the Assassin’s Creed universe on both Android and iOS (almost) simultaneously. Get ready to plunder, pillage and engage your ship in brutal naval combats while searching for the lost treasures of La Buse in Assassin’s Creed: Pirates!


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Celebrate Thanksgiving, play Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting for free

G5 decides to celebrate Thanksgiving by giving away free copies of one of their later hidden-object adventure titles,”Lost Souls: Enchanted Painting”.  You can grab your game starting today, November 25th through December 1st and enjoy solving the mystery behind the spooky paintings.

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Quick Look on Trailer Park King for Android

He’s a gamer, a bootlegger, a photographer and a connoisseur of the Ladies, he’s the Trailer Park King! Don’t plan on hammering your poor touchscreen for a while and you happen to enjoy trashy humor with plenty of babes to chase? Then this game is just for you.

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Skylanders Battlegrounds released on Android

Nearly a year ago, Activision Publishing Inc. released Skylanders Battlegrounds on the iOS platform exclusively, accompanied by a set of miniature figurines (sold separately) that could be imported inside the game by using the included “portal of power”. The exclusivity agreement is probably over as Skylanders Battlegrounds recently appeared on the Android Play Store.

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Trouserheart, the bare-ass adventure

This was bound to happen sooner or later. His Majesty’s favorite leather trousers were stolen and he will have to go on a journey to retrieve them. Find out how in Trouserheart, 10tons latest hack’n’slash adventure.
trouserheart (2)

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[New Release] Level 22 Gary’s Misadventures

We all have jobs to attend to (ok, most of us do) so we can get our paychecks and buy new toys and games. Gary also has to work. The thing is, he drinks too much and is often oversleeping or not showing for work at all. Rather than getting sober for a change, he decides it’s easier to just sneak up to his desk without getting caught.

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[Quick Look] Fox Tales: The Skeleton King

Developers rarely switch sides, but they do expand their work on other platforms occasionally in an attempt to reach wider population of mobile gamers. “Won-O-Soft” did exactly that by publishing their latest stealth adventure game “Fox Tales: The Skeleton King” on the Play Store, starring Kizu the fox.

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